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AVV Calisthenics Club is a premier calisthenics club with a rich history spanning more than 50 years. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, the club prides itself on nurturing, inspiring and empowering its’ members to achieve their full potential, all while having fun and building life long friendships along the way.

Each of the AVV Calisthenics coaches bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the club, all having competed in the sport for decades, many at the elite level, before completing their coaching qualification. If you ask any of the coaches, what they most love about coaching they will tell you, it is the joy of seeing their beaming girls come off the stage, having confidentally showcased their skills.

AVV Calisthenics Club, is a committee run club, providing a family environment, where all members are valued and respected.

We always look forward to welcoming new members (from age 2) and their families.


What is Calisthenics?Calisthenics: kalós (καλός), “beautiful” and sthenos (σθένος), “strength”

Calisthenics dates back to ancient times, where the Ancient Greeks developed a superior method of training for their military, based on calisthenic exercises. Solely using an individuals own body weight as resistance, the exercises were performed with differing levels of intensity, allowing for the development of strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination.

While various forms of calisthenics training have evolved over time, competitive calisthenics is a sport unique to Australia. Originally finding its Australian roots in Victoria, during the Gold Rush, Calisthenics, then called Physical Culture, was undertaken by Victorians wishing to keep their bodies supple. In the 1930’s, the sport was rolled out across Victorian state schools and this is where it cemented its foothold in Australian sport culture.

Today, in Australia, there are over 100 calisthenics clubs and 15 000 participants who compete in the sport.  While the core fundamentals of strength, flexibility, and control remain unchanged, they are now complimented by attributes including deportment, grace, poise, discipline and expression.

Calisthenics combines dance, marching, singing and acting and is choreographed to music.  The competitive season is much anticipated and competitors, dressed in costume, look forward to delighting their audience as they showcase their technique, expression and execution in a strong and confident manner.

Come join usFor a complimentary lesson

Come and experience AVV Calisthenics Club by registering for one of our complimentary come and try classes. We look forward to sharing with you the energy and vibrancy that is our club and the friendship, fitness and fun our members enjoy.

The come and try classes are available to participants older than 2 years and no dance experience is required.

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